About Us

Outsourced Doers connect innovative founders across the globe with talented, hard-working Virtual Assistants (that’s you!). We are dedicated to finding the best match when it comes to pairing our Virtual Assistants up with Founders. We wish to provide both our Virtual Assistants (who we call ‘Doers’) and Founders with a healthy, joyous working relationship, filled with balance between work and play.

There Are So Many Opportunities Out There… So What Makes Us Special?

Here’s What To Expect When Working With Us:

Be The Best In The Business:
Outsourced Doers is proudly one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing companies in the world.

Work From Home:
Here at Outsourced Doers, we understand the importance of work-life balance. In fact, we embrace it! We offer permanent work from home job opportunities, whilst still allowing you to grow and develop your careers. And once work is done at the end of the day, discover your talent with all of those extra hours you’ll save not having to commute. Our employees are happier, safer and can spend more time connecting with family and friends..

Real Impact: Work alongside our global clients, where you can have a real, direct impact on Founders whom you will be working personally and exclusively with.

Fixed Scheduling: Don’t let forever changing schedules with little notice interfere with your personal time! We offer fixed schedules to allow you the time and freedom to do what YOU want to do, without unwanted or unexpected interruptions.

Make Your Holidays Your Own: Despite working with overseas clients, your holidays are yours – meaning you’ll be celebrating Davao City-based holidays, not client-based holidays.

Market-Leading Training: Receive world-class training in Digital Marketing… completely free of charge. You’ll be trained in an array of Digital Marketing areas, using the latest software and technology. We even provide you with an allowance while you undertake your training.

Feel A Part Of The Team: We pride ourselves on our support structure. Once you start working with your Founder, you’ll be provided ongoing training and real-time support from our team of technical experts, so you’ll be supported throughout your journey, all at your fingertips.

Benefits: We provide
- Health Insurance
- Incentives
- Engagement Activities
- Mental Health Support

Make Your Dreams Come True: The Doers Dream Program is an employee empowerment program to make work more purposeful and make a difference in the lives of our valued employees. Submit your dream, and we select one a month that we can make come true for you! You can submit one dream per month.

  • Reward & Recognition Programs

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Positive, Happy Workplace Culture

  • Monthly Celebrations

  • Free Ongoing Digital Marketing Training

  • Above Industry Compensation Package