Here’s what our Setters do:

  • Fill our sales calendar
  • Turn followers on Facebook, YouTube, or IG into qualified appointments that close
  • Outbound dial every lead that comes in from your webinar or VSL funnel
  • Boost show up rates by confirming appointments for our Closers

Learn our business to become one of our TOP CLOSERS

High-ticket Setters pros: Is your current sales position:

  • Providing you with consistent, high quality inbound lead-flow?
  • Giving you consistent income potential?
  • Getting clients amazing, life-changing results that keep you motivated and inspired?
  • Giving you on-going coaching that allows you to continue mastering your craft?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions then you’ll want to read this through:

We have a killer opportunity for someone who's willing to put in the work necessary to master the art of Setting…

Our Setters are:

Getting fed inbound leads

Flexible Schedules

Working remotely from anywhere in the USA

Are part of a great team and culture

Get to sell something they're passionate about that genuinely helps people.

Sounds like a pretty good gig, right?

Well, we are looking for a few more Setters who want gigs just like that…

So if you're currently selling and looking for a massive upgrade…


Now, will all of that come without hard work? Not a chance…

Selling - like anything - is a skillset that you have to build.

BUT once you master this, it will put you in the driver seat to control the amount of money you want to make for the rest of your career. No kidding.


  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Work from home